Shoppers Say This Clever Accessory Is Like Having a Personal Masseuse in Your Home — and It’s on Sale

If you hunch over your desk all day, grab this massager ASAP
By Stephanie Perry
December 21, 2020 04:59 PM
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If you work at a desk, chances are you’ve experienced some neck or back pain. Poor posture from hunching over your laptop can cause annoying cricks and knots that feel impossible to knead out. Or maybe you don’t spend your 9-to-5 curled up over your computer, but you still experience discomfort due to an old injury or arthritis. No matter the cause, Walmart shoppers recommend trying the Belmint Seat Cushion Massager for immediate back and neck relief. 

The top-rated electric massager can fit on your desk chair, sofa, armchair, and even your car seat, so you can alleviate tired and sore muscles wherever or whenever you need. With six massage settings, plus vibration and heat options, the tool is totally customizable to your needs to help you better relax and unwind. 

Credit: Walmart

Buy It! Belmint Seat Cushion Massager, $66.26 (orig. $79.99); 

Use the shiatsu massage node setting (shiatsu is a form of Japanese therapy) to apply pressure to the tense areas of your back and neck, the rolling setting for a gentler massage, and the spot setting for a more targeted approach. Choose from three levels of vibration intensity — low, medium, or high — to stimulate blood flow while relaxing the deep muscle tissue. Or opt for the soothing heat setting, which is great for fitness-related soreness.

Walmart shoppers give the versatile massager a 94 percent recommendation rating. Some use it on their office desk chair, turning it on once an hour for 15 minutes to experience consistent relief, while others use it on their recliners to help them unwind even further. Some reviewers love it for traveling because it makes for a more calming commute, and one shopper even says it’s been a lifesaver for their arthritis — especially during the colder months. 

Whether you’re looking for an easy and effective way to alleviate your back and neck pain or a tool for total relaxation, grab the Belmint Seat Cushion Massager from Walmart while it’s on sale

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