Amazon Interesting Finds 2021

There's a Hidden Section of Amazon That's Packed With Quirky, Funny Finds That Start at $6

Burrito blankets, dinosaur taco holders, and bacon bandages included!
By Jessica Leigh Mattern
July 18, 2021 06:30 AM
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There are so many funny, quirky, and bizarre products scattered across Amazon that the retailer now has an entire section devoted to them — and new arrivals drop daily

Amazon's Interesting Finds feed is just what it sounds like: an always-changing curation of unique, eye-catching products that range from playful to outrageous. While it's fun to simply scroll through the various home, tech, and fashion finds, it's also a great place to source gifts for birthdays and all kinds of occasions. And here's the best part: Items start at $2. 

Amazon Interesting Finds: 

Animal lovers will be delighted by a number of cute finds, including shark bite socks, adorable hedgehog dryer balls, and charming little wine stoppers featuring furry friends. And pet parents are sure to appreciate items like cushy Corgi mouse pads and on-sale pet teepees. The small, cozy structures are sure to be your dog or cat's new favorite place to hang out, and they're currently on sale and marked down to $30. 

There are plenty of unique home goods that are surprisingly handy, like burrito blankets with 34,000 five-star ratings and the Clean Dreams sponge holders. The latter offers storage for one of your most-used cleaning tools while allowing it to drain and dry — sans puddles — near your sink. And just in case burritos aren't your thing, you can still wrap yourself in coziness with equally soft blankets resembling pizzas, pies, and waffles.

There are hundreds of other fun finds to discover in the Interesting Finds curation, and new items are added all the time. Check out the full selection for more home decor and unique gift ideas, or browse some of the most irresistibly delightful pieces below. 

Buy It! Ototo Clean Dreams Kitchen Sponge Holder, $15;

Buy It! Little Dove Pet Teepee, $29.99 (orig. $34.99); 

Buy It! Foot Traffic Shark Bite Socks, $10;

Buy It! RMFSH Moon Lamp, $16.99 with coupon (orig. $19.99);

Buy It! French Bulldog Wine Stopper, $9.99;

Buy It! Casofu Burrito Blanket, $19.99 (orig. $40);

Buy It! Tidoopu Ergonomic Corgi Mouse Pad, $9.75 with coupon (orig. $12.99);

Buy It! Accoutrements Bacon Strips Bandages, $6.40 (orig. $6.99);

Buy It! Smart Design Hedgehog Reusable Dryer Balls Set, $7.47 (orig. $12.99);

Buy It! Funwares Dinosaur TriceraTaco Holder, $12.95;