More Than 2,800 Shoppers Have Turned to This $25 Humidifier to Ease Congestion

“I noticed a difference in just two nights”
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With winter just around the corner, it’s time to up our defenses against the congestion and dry skin that inevitably come with the change of weather. According to more than 2,800 shoppers, this $25 device from Amazon should do the trick.

Like any quality humidifier, the AirExpect Cool Mist Humidifier increases moisture content in the air, which can open up the throat and nasal passages and provide relief for skin irritation caused by dryness. Three adjustable mist modes on this model allow for a customizable experience, while its 3.5-liter water tank provides up to 24 hours of continuous mist. To prevent excess humidification, the AirExpect even features an automatic shutdown system that will turn it off once the water supply runs low.

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Buy It! AirExpect Cool Mist Humidifier, $25.49 (orig. $29.99);

Reviewers agree that this affordable humidifier is worth every penny.

“I’ve owned three humidifiers in the past (yes, three, and at different price points), and none of them compare to this one,” said one shopper. “First, it has LED lights, which I thought was cute and good for mood-setting. It has seven different colors, or you can turn it off. Second, it has a big tank and DOESN’T leak. Third, there’s auto-shutoff, which is fantastic. There’s also a timer setting where you can set the humidifier to turn off after a certain period of time, ranging from two to eight hours.”

Another reviewer is convinced that the humidifier cured their dry skin and nose concerns: “After years of suffering from dry sinuses, I finally came to my senses and decided to buy this humidifier and I am so grateful that I did. The top-fill is so convenient. I use distilled water to fill it every night and only clean it with a dry cloth every week. My skin is softer and I no longer have a dry nose constantly during these cold months in the midwest.”

Grab the AirExpect Cool Mist Humidifier on Amazon before the weather becomes even drier. We don’t know how long this 15 percent off deal will last, so order the winter must-have now if you’re inclined to give it a whirl. 

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