Zombies Photobomb Couple's Prom Photos Near 'Walking Dead' Set: We Were 'Creeped Out'!

Two Georgia high schoolers got the prom photos of a lifetime when more than a dozen zombies crashed their photoshoot

Photo: Stephanie Smith Photography

The zombies are ready for their close-ups!

A Georgia couple had a creepy encounter with the undead recently as they posed for prom photos near the set of AMC’s hit show The Walking Dead, and photos of the run-in have gone viral.

The high school students, Ethan and Leah, were showing off their evening wear on Saturday in Senoia, Georgia, when actors dressed as zombies — bloody mouths and all! — crashed the shoot. Remaining in character, the actors limped past the couple groaning in true zombie fashion.

“It was a typical prom shoot … then, out of nowhere a group of zombies started walking right in our shot,” photographer Stephanie Smith tells PEOPLE. “We had no idea where they came from. We all kind of laughed and were a little creeped out, but went on about our shoot.”

Leah (left) and Ethan pose for prom photos surrounded by actors dressed as zombies.

Photos captured Leah and Ethan looking around and sporting nervous expressions as the zombies appeared. Soon, the couple smiled and excitedly continued the shoot, additional photos show.

Smith says they were shocked, even though they know the zombie apocalypse drama is filmed in the city.

As it turns out, Smith says, the zombies — or “walkers,” as they’re known on the show — were hired through Walkin’ Dead Tours and Events, which bills itself as the “original” Walking Dead tour, and they only operated at a former filming location. Smith says she learned that the zombies were actually on a lunch break, but decided to remain in character when they stumbled upon the shoot.


“They were totally in character,” Smith says, adding that the zombies made moaning sounds as they passed by. “Can you imagine them all eating lunch together like that?”

She says there were more than a dozen zombies that passed by and even circled back for another shot in front of the camera. She shared photos from the shoot on Facebook, where they have been reposted nearly 2,000 times.

Smith tells PEOPLE that although she hasn’t spoken with Leah and Ethan yet, she’s sure they’re getting a kick out of the pictures.

Leah (left) and Ethan pose for prom photos surrounded by actors dressed as zombies.

“[I] have been talking to their parents and they think it’s all really cool. None of us expected anything like this,” she says. “I almost didn’t even post them while editing, but my husband saw them and thought it was funny so I was like, ‘Okay, sure!’ “

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