Yvette Nicole Brown Teams up With People's Former Sexiest Teacher Alive for a Sweet Surprise

Actress Yvette Nicole Brown and Nicholas Ferroni brought a few teachers joy on a recent Zoom call

Yvette Nicole Brown and PEOPLE's former Sexiest Teacher Alive, Nicholas Ferroni, are bringing a smile to some lucky teachers around the nation!

During a recent Zoom call, Brown and Ferroni teamed up to surprise a group of teachers and commend them for their efforts during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

"I know that a lot is on your plate and that you are helping the world by teaching these babies," Brown told the educators. "It goes without saying that what you all do is unsung and is so important. And if you ever doubt whether there's somebody out there rooting for you, or believing in you and celebrating you, please know that I am there."

Throughout their conversation, Brown and Ferroni listened to the teachers talk about their challenges of remote teaching and how they're maintaining hope during these tough times.

"I'm so grateful that those of you who are suffering and struggling, and just getting over the finish line yourself, I'm so grateful that you stayed in and so grateful that you're hanging on," Brown said on the Zoom call.

Yvette Nicole Brown and Nick Ferroni
Nick Ferroni and Yvette Nicole Brown. getty images (2)

Of choosing Brown to deliver the sweet surprise, Ferroni — who was named PEOPLE's Sexiest Teacher Alive in 2014 — said the actress was a no-brainer.

"Yvette Nicole Brown is such an amazing advocate for educators and so many teachers are fans of her and her work, so I asked her if she wouldn't mind surprising some teachers and she made their year," he said. "Yvette is also on the board of Donors Choose, an organization that helps teachers pay for projects and resources for their students."

"I am doing everything I can to bring teachers moments of joy and to celebrate them because this is such a difficult time for educators and students," he added.

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