YouTubers Who Highlight Interabled Relationship Have 'Perfect' Wedding: We 'Are Beyond Thrilled'

Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward dated for four years prior to their marriage 

After four years of dating and documenting their interabled relationship on YouTube, Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward are married.

Burcaw and Aylward have become well-known through their popular YouTube channel, titled Squirmy and Grubs, which highlights what a relationship looks like when one person has a disability and the other does not.

“On Friday, September 4th, I married the love of my life,” Aylward wrote on Instagram alongside a photo from their intimate wedding, which was officiated via Zoom. “It wasn’t the big gathering we had always planned on having, but it was perfect. Thank you so much to @sburcaw for officiating over Zoom. We love you!”

“Shane and I can’t wait to celebrate with our families in person when it’s safe, but for now, we’re husband and wife!!!! And that’s the most important part,” she added. “I’m incredibly lucky to now be married to the greatest guy I know.” ⁣

Burcaw, who has a genetic disorder called spinal muscular atrophy, also shared a sweet Instagram post honoring the special day.

“What Made Me Smile This Week?⁣” he began. “I married my best friend. On Friday, September 4th, Hannah and I tied the knot and became husband and wife! It was a private backyard ceremony that we conducted over Zoom with our officiant. Certainly not the wedding we originally imagined, but it was a beautiful moment filled with the most important thing: our love for each other.⁣”

Alongside their wedding video on YouTube, the newlyweds wrote that they are “beyond thrilled to finally be husband and wife.”

In the video, the pair prepare for their ceremony and document their first kiss. They told viewers they will have another larger celebration with family next year.

"The ceremony went really well," Burcaw says. "We weren't sure doing it over Zoom how that would go."

"It was perfect," Aylward adds. "It broke up like once, that was kind of funny, but other than that it was smooth sailing."

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