YouTubers Marcus and Kristin Johns Share Details of 'Horrible' Hit-and-Run Car Accident from Hospital

The pair said they were bicycling when a man fleeing police hit them head-on

Marcus and Kristin Johns
Kristin Johns, Marcus Johns . Photo: Marcus Johns/instagram

YouTube stars Marcus and Kristin Johns are speaking out from their hospital beds after being struck and injured in a "horrible" hit-and-run car accident on Monday night.

Marcus, 27, who launched to stardom on Vine before switching to YouTube, explained on Instagram that the pair had been biking on a trail with other cyclists and pedestrians when a car came flying recklessly toward them.

"It seemed like in the moment the guy was trying to hit us on purpose," Marcus says in a tearful video shared Tuesday. "He was driving erratically and swerving towards us. I tried to swerved out of the way but he just followed us to hit us."

"A man going extremely fast hit us head on and he fled the scene," Kristin adds.

It seems as though the driver was fleeing a crime scene, as Marcus says, "But now it wall [sic] makes sense if the robbery and police pursuit is officially confirmed."

Marcus Johns
Marcus Johns. Marcus Johns/Instagram
Kristin Johns
Kristin Johns. Kristin Johns/Instagram

"The car that hit us was apparently part of a burglary, and was trying to run from the cops. And so we think that the car hit us on purpose to try to get the cops' attention away from him so he could get away. We don't know if he's been caught yet."

Details of the robbery and police pursuit the You Can't Do It author mentions are unclear, as are the location and time of the accident.

Marcus says that he blacked out after being hit, but that Kristin was awake through the entire ordeal. "Sadly Kristin was fully conscious and had to watch me unresponsive on the concreate [sic] till ambulance arrived for us. Kristin said we flew about 50 feet from the impact," he says.

"We should have died in that thing," Marcus says in his video, adding that he and his wife of nearly three years are lucky to be alive. "Jesus saved our lives, and there's no question about that," Kristin adds in her video. "This was an extremely traumatic experience."

Both Marcus and Kristin broke bones in their legs and underwent surgery. Marcus says that they are expected to be walking again in about four months.

Kristin later shared footage of her left leg in a cast on her Instagram Story, explaining that she had a "permanent metal rod" placed in her femur bone, which she said "snapped in half."

"The surgery went well thankfully & Marcus & I will both be able to walk again eventually," she wrote.

On Tuesday, Kristin shared on her Instagram Stories that she had just had her first physical therapy session, which she said "did not go as planned."

"I thought that I would maybe be able to stand with a walker, but even just sitting on the edge of the bed was excruciating, and I am on heavy pain medication right now," she said. "My knee, my femur and my hip is what is killing me."

Kristin explained that the goal is to be able to stand, because she and Marcus will be able to be discharged from the hospital once they've acquired a bit more mobility.

"I can't wait to tell you guys the full story & all the miracles God performed," Kristin concluded in her Instagram Stories. "I'm so in awe of Him."

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