Landon Clifford died at the age of 19 on Aug. 19 following a brain injury and six days in a coma
Landon Clifford
Camryn and Landon Clifford
| Credit: Landon Clifford/Instagram

The love story of YouTube stars Landon and Camryn Clifford tragically ended on Aug. 19 when Landon died at age 19 following a brain injury and six days in a coma.

Camryn, 19, confirmed the heartbreaking news in a post on Instagram, revealing how "August 13th 2020 was Landon’s last day being the best dad and husband he could be. After spending the following 6 days in a coma he passed on and donated several organs to people in need all over the country. He died saving the lives of others."

"That’s the type of person he was. Compassionate, loving, thoughtful, kind, and gentle," she continued. "He was an amazing husband and the best father those girls could [have] ever asked for. It saddens me deeply that they will never get to truly know him. He was so young and had so much more life to live."

Though his life was cut short, Landon managed to reach several major milestones with Camryn, including marriage, two children and a successful YouTube career, where he chronicled it all. Here's a look into their love story.

Landon Clifford
Landon and Camryn Clifford
| Credit: Camryn Clifford/Instagram

Early Beginnings

Landon first met Camryn when he was 13 years old, according to a post on Camryn's Instagram account. A year later, the pair officially started dating on June 22, 2015, she wrote in another post.

It wasn't long before the young couple was celebrating anniversaries and looking ahead to the future, despite living in different states.

"We've gone so many places and seen so many things but no matter where we are or who we're with we have one another to experience life with," Camryn wrote in a post from June 2017. "You're my best friend and my soulmate. I can't wait to see what life has in store for us next."

Baby on the Way

A few months after celebrating their two-year anniversary, Camryn and Landon, both 17 at the time, learned they were expecting their first child.

By November 2017, the couple announced their little one was a girl, documenting the moment on their YouTube channel and Camryn's Instagram.

"Excited to meet Collette in April!" Camryn wrote beside a photo of three pairs of Converse sneakers that appears to be their birth announcement.

As it turned out, Collette Briar was just as excited to meet her parents — the little one made her arrival a few months early on Feb. 12, 2018.

She Said Yes!

After welcoming their first daughter, Landon and Camryn took the next step in their relationship by getting engaged.

"Traded my promise ring in for an engagement ring 💍" Camryn wrote beside a photo of her and Landon as she showed off her new diamond ring in June 2018.

In a separate post, Camryn added of her new fiancé: "I’m so so so lucky to have met you as early as I did. Our love story is an amazing one and I’m overjoyed that it has led us to this point. I’m counting down the days till I can meet you at the end of the [a]isle and give the rest of my life to you."

"I can’t picture myself with anyone else. We truly are meant to be. You make me the happiest girl on the planet. I love you :)," she added.

Moving In

In December 2018, Camryn and Landon moved into their first apartment together. Fittingly, the pair offered fans a tour of their new pad in a video on YouTube and in some photos on Camryn's Instagram.

The couple continued to live there until April 2019, when they purchased their own home, according to an Instagram post.

"I can’t believe how far we’ve come. From living in a shed in my mom's backyard to our little one-bedroom apartment, and now our first real home," Camryn wrote in the post.

In a separate post, she added, "Since dating you we’ve experienced so many firsts together. From the first day of high school to having our first child. We’ve grown up together. I can’t wait to continue to grow with you into the people that god wants us to be... You are my person."

Wedding Bells

Not long after moving into their first home, the pair tied the knot in June 2019, surrounded by their closest friends and family.

"You’re my forever," Camryn wrote on Instagram, alongside photos of their big day.

The Family's Growing

Landon and Camryn's family grew by four legs in August 2019 when they brought home a new puppy. A few months later, the couple announced a furry friend wasn't the only addition joining them: they were also pregnant with baby number two!

"We loved the first one so much we went ahead and made another one! Adding a new member to the Clifford family in May 2020," Camryn wrote beside the announcement, while Landon added in his, "Can’t wait to have another little bean running around 👧🏼👶🏼❤️"

It was later revealed that their second baby on the way would be another little girl, whom they named Delilah Rose. She made her official debut in May.

Baby Bliss 

According to their Instagrams, Landon appeared to spend his final months with his two daughters, soaking up every moment of fatherhood during the pandemic.

But by August, life as the Cliffords knew it was forever changed when Landon suffered a brain injury, the family said. One week later, the YouTube star and father of two had died.

"This isn’t how things were supposed to go," Camryn wrote in Saturday's post. "He was meant to make it to his next birthday. He was meant to walk his daughters down the [a]isle. He was meant to die old with me. Words can not come close to describe the pain I feel."

"All I can do now is make sure our girls know how much he loved us. He’s looking down on us from heaven and his light will shine through the clouds when we look up at him. May he rest peacefully," she finished.