'Mum, I found the Lego!': Boy Discovers Lego Piece in His Nose 2 Years After It Disappeared

The incident did not mark the first time that the youngster had put something up his nose

A young New Zealand boy found a missing Lego piece in his nose two years after it first got stuck there, multiple outlets reported.

Seven-year-old Sameer Anwar of Dunedin, New Zealand lost a piece of a Lego after he inserted the toy into his nose back in 2018, according to the New Zealand Herald.

"One day he just told us he had slipped in a tiny piece of Lego and then we tried our best to bring it out but nothing came out," Sameer's father Anwar told the outlet.

His concerned parents then reportedly took him to the doctor, who was also unable to locate and therefore remove the toy piece and advised the parents that the piece would move through their son’s digestive tract and pass naturally — if the piece had even been there in the first place.

"Since then he's never complained or anything," Anwar told the Herald of Sameer, who didn't show any signs of further discomfort after the incident.

Flash-forward two years, when Sameer reportedly took a giant sniff of a cupcake that had just been served and felt pain within his nose.

Alerting his parents of the discomfort he felt and how he thought he inhaled cake crumbs, his mother then helped him blow his nose hoping to thoroughly clear his nostrils, the Herald reported.

"Then this thing came out that was missing for the last two years," Anwar told the outlet. "It was shock, y'know? And it had a bit of fungus on it."

He added: "His eyes were wide open and he was like, 'Mum, I found the Lego! You were telling me it wasn't there, but it was there!'"

Anwar also told the publication that he had joked to his wife that they "should donate it to a museum" while discussing what to do with the newfound Lego piece that had been missing for so long.

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According to The Guardian, the incident in 2018 was not the first time the youngster had put something up his nose.

Per the outlet, when he was just 3 he pushed an imitation pearl up his nostril, but his father was able to retrieve it.

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