Learn about the root causes of hunger and what you can do to take action and help stop world hunger today

By Diane J. Cho
May 28, 2021 11:44 AM
World Hunger Day

World Hunger Day is a critical reminder that everyone has the opportunity to help end hunger once and for all. In order to get involved, it's important to understand that hunger is not just about food.

"Hunger and poverty are inextricably linked to a nexus of issues including: the rights of women and girls, income opportunities, health, education, social justice, the environment and climate change," says The Hunger Project, a global non-profit that works to sustainably end world hunger.

The organization explains that there needs to be a holistic approach that involves tackling core issues, such as poverty, climate change and access to education, technology and healthcare, in order to ensure everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy life. The Hunger Project has also released statistics that emphasize the urgency for people to get involved right away:

60 million people live in chronic hunger.

60 percent of people living in hunger are women.

98 percent of people suffering from undernourishment live in low- and middle-income countries.

Hunger kills more people than AIDs, malaria and tuberculosis combined.

In order to help the cause, here's where you can donate your time, money and activism:

No Kid Hungry is a national campaign run by Share Our Strength, a non-profit that works to end hunger and poverty around the world by providing free meals, food skills education, research and advocacy.

Feeding America works to address root causes of hunger to help those in marginalized communities who are facing food insecurity.

Action Against Hunger fights to save lives of children and families that are facing hunger by giving access to clean water, food and healthcare.

The Hunger Project aims to provide sustainable access to education, technology, water, sanitation and healthcare to change the lives of those who face hunger and poverty. They also support local leaders in Africa, South Asia and Latin America, where the highest number of people are living in hunger.

World Central Kitchen leads food resilience programs and offers access to professional culinary training to strengthen communities and economies through times of crisis.

Charity: Water partners with local leaders and programs to help provide clean water and tools for clean hygiene to improve long-term health.

Keep up and engage in conversations around World Hunger Day by following the hashtag #WorldHungerDay on all social media platforms.