Anita Singleton's life was just made a little easier thanks to police officer Bradley Peck and dealership owner Matt Bowers

By Jason Duaine Hahn
May 23, 2019 03:25 PM

A woman from Louisiana who walked six miles to her job at Walmart each week now has her own set of wheels thanks to a police officer who shared her story after he gave her a lift.

Since being hired at a Walmart three years ago, Anita Singleton has walked six miles to the store at least once a week. But because she enjoys her job so much, she never saw it as a problem, she told WWL.

“We share a bit of ourselves with each other and that is a blessing,” Singleton told the news station. “You cannot put a price tag on that.”

But earlier this week, Slidell Police Officer Bradley Peck spotted Singleton on her long early morning stroll to Walmart, and pulled over to ask where she was going. When he heard how far her walk to the store would be, Peck offered Singleton a ride and learned more about her story and positive outlook on life.

“We talked the whole way about life lessons, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and joked about other things,” Peck recalled in a post on to the Slidell Police Department Facebook page. “I learned that she is 52 years old and had as much energy as my 2-year-old.”

“She told me when she can’t get a ride she has to do what she has to do,” Peck continued. “We shook hands and she went into work. That brief moment of me getting to spend some time with her made my day so much better. I don’t think she knows how much hope she gave me and valuable life lesson she taught me.”

After local Chevrolet dealership owner Matt Bowers was made aware of WWL’s news story and Peck’s Facebook post about Singleton, he was inspired to help out.

“Well, logically, I’m a car dealer, and I made the decision that the right thing to do for the community was to give Anita Singleton a car,” Bowers explained, according to the Advocate.

On Wednesday, Peck picked up Singleton from Walmart and drove her to the dealership, leaving her puzzled why he would take her to a lot of expensive cars.

Then she was presented with two cars, a white Chevrolet Captiva and a red Traverse, and was told she could have her pick of any of them. She chose the Captiva.

Anita Singleton
Anita Singleton
| Credit: GoFundMe

And Singleton won’t have to worry about insurance, taxes and registration bills — Bowers said he’ll cover the costs as long as she owns it, the Advocate reported.

While she said she’ll need some time to get accustomed to driving again, she plans to take her wheels on a tour through Honey Island Swamp.