Woman Says Viral Video Showing Her Overdose Saved Her Life: 'I Was Brought Back for a Reason'

A Wisconsin woman is crediting a viral video of herself unresponsive with giving her a second chance at life


A Wisconsin woman is crediting a viral video showing her unresponsive after an overdose with helping her turn her life around.

“I don’t think I would have taken it as seriously. In a split second your life can change,” Katrina Henry told WITI of the video. She said she received “cruel” messages from viewers who said they wished she died.

The overdose video was recorded in Waukesha, Wisconsin, roughly 20 miles west of Milwaukee, after Henry crashed her vehicle into a parked car. She had snorted cocaine that was likely laced with fentanyl prior to driving, overdosing in the driver’s seat. The video, posted on Facebook by witness Jon Adams, was viewed more than 700,000 times since being posted on March 21.

“People need to see. They need to see what happens,” Adams said of the video.

To similarly gain awareness, in September, police in East Liverpool, Ohio, posted two shocking photos to Facebook showing a 4-year-old boy’s grandmother, who previously had custody of him, and her friend passed out in the front seat of the car with the boy wide awake in the back seat. The couple had allegedly overdosed on heroin. In a lengthy caption, police said they posted the photos to “show the other side of this horrible drug.”

To WITI, Henry described herself as a “good kid” who likes to paint, exercise and does not drink, but she “started losing interest in things” as she used pills like Percocet for numbing power.

“They took me to the hospital, handcuffed me to the bed. I died. I overdosed and died,” Henry told WITI of the rockbottom moment.

As of Wednesday, Henry was in her third week of therapy and drug treatment.

“I felt so alone, that I was the only one dealing with this problem and that no one would understand,” she said to WITI. “I don’t feel hopeless and worthless anymore, and I know I was brought back for a reason, and I’m going to live up to my full potential.”

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