"So glad it missed you!" Ainsley Rae wrote to her boyfriend

An axe-throwing Arizona woman narrowly avoided death when the tool rebounded off the target and flew back towards her head.

Instagram user Ainsley Rae shared footage of the terrifying incident to Instagram this week, where it quickly went viral.

Rae captioned the post, “That axe almost got me.”

She also thanked her boyfriend for capturing the video. “So glad it missed you!” she added.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Rae’s video has nearly 133,000 views. The same video on her boyfriend’s account has over 94,000 views.

Ainsley Rae
| Credit: Ainsley Rae/Instagram

In the clip, Rae holds the axe above her head and heaves it toward the target. The axe then ricochets off the wall and flies right back in the direction of Rae’s head. She ducks just in time, narrowly missing the axe as people can be heard screaming in the background.

“At first I didn’t know what actually happened but then over time, watching it over and over again, I just started laughing at myself,” Rae told Inside Edition about the incident. “Oh my gosh, I am so glad I didn’t get hit in the head.”

Rae also added to the outlet that neither she nor her boyfriend had been drinking at the time.

Instagram users expressed their terror in the comments of Rae’s post. “YOU NEARLY DIED SONNN,” one commenter wrote, while another chimed in, “Really glad you survived that. Heart dropped to my shoes…”