Woman Miraculously Escapes After Semi Crushes Her Car: 'I Have Never Seen Anything Like It'

A 46-year-old woman's car was hit by the semi truck on the I-5 in Washington on Tuesday morning

Woman Miraculously Escapes After Semi Truck Crushes Her Nissan Altima
Photo: Trooper Rocky Oliphant/Washington State Police

A Washington driver is counting her lucky stars after she survived a crash with a semi truck that left her car flattened on Tuesday.

According to Washington State Patrol trooper Rocky Oliphant, the driver was hit from behind by the semi truck while traveling on the I-5. Pictures shared by the trooper show a sedan completely crumbled underneath the wheels of the truck.

Despite the shocking images, the woman driving the car escaped the accident with only minor injuries, Oliphant said.

"There's really not a word to describe this collision," he wrote on Twitter. "Miraculously believed to be minor injuries."

"The car was struck from behind, folded the car in half, and semi came to rest on top of the car," Oliphant continued. In my 14 year career, I have never seen anything like it."

Oliphant later said the woman managed to get out of her Nissan Altima once a tow truck lifted the front end of the semi truck off the vehicle. She was able to walk out of the car on her own, he said.

According to the Seattle Times, before the accident, a semi truck in front of the 46-year-old woman had slowed its speed, causing her to slow down as well. But the semi truck behind her was unable to brake in time, slamming into her car and sending it forward into the other truck.

Oliphant said the driver of the rear semi truck was cited for following too close.

The trooper later posted a picture showing the badly damaged car after it was removed from under the semi.

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"For someone [to] walk away from that it's got to be the safest car on the planet," one Twitter user replied in response to the picture showing the mangled machinery.

"God's hand," another replied.

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