Daughter Embraces Her Single Status in Hilarious Family Christmas Card

Emily Seawright's family Christmas card has received thousands of likes on Twitter thanks to her sense of humor

Photo: Courtesy Emily Seawright

A California family’s Christmas photo has gone viral thanks to one member hilariously embracing her life as a single woman among a family of couples.

When the Seawright family posed for their annual portrait on Thanksgiving, each of the members paired up with their significant others to hold signs showing a single word starting with the letter “E,” which would correspond to important life events for each of them. One happy couple carried a sign reading “engaged,” another pair proudly displayed a sign showing “expecting,” while mom and dad wrote “excited” on their sign. Yet, one lone Seawright hilariously stood out from the rest by holding a sign that simply displayed her name, “Emily.”

“My family sends out a different Christmas card every single year, it’s been a tradition for as long as I can remember, but we have never done a funny one,” Emily Seawright, 20, of Southern California, tells PEOPLE. “We thought it would be really funny, so we all made our own signs for the photo.”

Emily says her family took to the Internet to search for Christmas cards ideas this year when they came across an old viral photo of a family with signs that read “expecting, excited, engaged, egg salad.” They all thought the photo was funny, so when they decided to take inspiration from it for theirs, it was Emily—being the only single member of the family—who was recruited to take one for the team. (Luckily, she was happy to, as she says she and her family all have the same sense of humor.)

A few days after taking the hilarious picture, Emily uploaded it to her Twitter account, and it quickly (and unexpectantly) went viral, gathering more than 326,000 likes and 55,000 retweets.

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“I think it’s crazy that it’s gaining so much attention, it was really just meant to be funny, but I had no idea so many people could relate to it,” Emily says. “Since posting it, I have received many messages on every social media account I have—there are actually so many that I can’t even read all of them, but I find it hilarious and flattering!”

Many of the replies to Emily’s tweet are either flirty comments from guys looking to “help” Emily with her singleness, or are of other users sharing their own family photos that show them by themselves as they’re surrounded by a sea of lovestruck couples.

Emily hopes people who see the photo are able to get a good laugh out of it, but most importantly, they’re reminded to be comfortable with themselves, whether they’re in a relationship or not.

“Nothing is that serious and it’s okay to be single,” Emily says. “During the holiday season everybody has this idea that you need to be with somebody, but just embrace being you!”

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