Woman Films Confrontation After Package Is Stolen from Her Door — and She Gets Her Stuff Back

Renee Weber Abeyta was reportedly doing chores at her house in Lakewood, Colorado, on Dec. 19 when the alleged theft of her Crock Pot cover occurred

One Colorado woman acted quickly after she says her home video spotted another woman stealing a package from her doorstep.

Renee Weber Abeyta posted a profanity-laced video of the altercation on Facebook. In the clip, which begins after Abeyta’s package has already gone missing, she dramatically chases the unnamed woman and demands the woman return her package — and ultimately gets her wish.

A Lakewood police spokesperson tells PEOPLE that a police report does not appear to have been filed about the incident.

Abeyta (who did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment) was doing chores at her house in Lakewood on Dec. 19 when the theft of her Crock Pot cover occurred, according to local TV station KDVR.

Abeyta’s home-security app told her that a person was outside her door, but she saw no package when she went outside.

“I looked at my Ring videos, and I saw what happened,” Abeyta said on Good Morning America. “I thought, ‘No way is this happening to me.’ ”

She quickly gave chase. “I would have ran for as many miles as I had to to get my package,” she said.

“Girl stole a package off my front porch and I’m gonna corner her,” Abeyta explains in the Facebook video as she walks up to the woman who ultimately returns Abeyta’s appliance cover.

“What’s your name? What’s your name? Did you just steal something?” she asks the woman, who remains largely silent. “Give it.”

“I’m gonna f—— call the police,” Abeyta says as the woman ignores her. The woman starts to run and Abeyta takes off after her. “I’ve got you on camera,” Abeyta says.

The woman tells Abeyta to leave her alone and denies swiping anything.

“Yes you did. I saw you,” Abeyta replies. “Yes I did. Get your a– back here right now. You’re on tape. You’re in trouble. Now give it to me now. Why are you stealing stuff?”

“I don’t give a s—. You’re stealing s— off my front porch,” Abeyta replies after the woman claims she is homeless.

“Now get over here now. Throw it down, and I’ll delete this,” Abeyta says. “Throw it down. Do you hear me? Give it to me. Give it to me. Now. Stop. Stop. Right now. Give it.”

The woman finally hands over what Abeyta wants and walks away.

“What’s wrong with you?” Abeyta calls after her, adding, “What else you got? I know there’s something else in there. Good luck.”

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