Lucy Hellein became pregnant even though she had an IUD
Credit: Science Photo Library/Getty

A woman is calling her newborn son her “Mirena baby” after she got pregnant despite having an IUD.

Lucy Hellein gave birth to her son, Dexter, on April 27, and uploaded a photo of him on her Instagram account with her IUD in his hand. The IUD was placed in his hand for the irony after it was discovered behind the placenta fully intact.

Dexter was born 9 lbs 1 oz in Fort Benning, Georgia, and his mother called him a “little jedi.” Hellein’s original due date was May 4, also known as Star Wars Day.

“It’s next to impossible [to get pregnant],” Planned Parenthood nurse practitioner Laura Ghasseminia told WTLV about the odds of conceiving with an IUD. “You have a better chance of winning the lotto.”

Hellein told the news station her doctor believes she might have gotten pregnant three weeks after the contraceptive was placed. Ghasseminia said the mother may have been pregnant before the IUD was inserted.

Hellein already has three other children and told the news station she’s used Mirena IUDs in the past.

Two weeks ago, she posted a photo of her baby bump on Instagram, writing that she found out about her pregnancy in December when she was already 18 weeks pregnant.

“‘How did you not know you were pregnant?'” Hellein wrote. “Well my dear, that’s because I still have a Mirena IUD. I was given a due date of May 4th…even my OB said The Force is Strong with this one.”

She wrote that the pregnancy was “definitely a HUGE surprise,” and that she was a part of the “1% who end up with a viable Mirena pregnancy.”