Watch Intense Winds Knock Over an 18-Wheeler Truck in Texas

The Amarillo Police Department said it received several reports of high-profile vehicles being blown over by the wind

Photo: Blake Brown Photography/Facebook

Intense winds below over an 18-wheeler in Texas Wednesday, marking one of many vehicles that toppled because of unruly weather.

In a viral video posted to social media by photographer Blake Brown, the semi-truck can be seen driving along Interstate 40 in Amarillo.

Eventually, its back wheels were pulled up into the air, sending the trailer and the rest of the truck on its side, where its hood appeared to fall off.

“Oh my god, oh my god,” Brown said in the clip.

In a Facebook post, Brown said the gusts of wind reached up to 80 mph Wednesday, a claim also reported by the National Weather Service.

He later shared a second video showing a FedEx truck in Amarillo blown sideways by the wind.

Marc Williams, deputy executive director of the Texas Department of Transportation, confirmed on Twitter that the trucks captured by Brown were, indeed, just some of many.

“One of several reported semi trucks blown over today with extremely high winds on Texas highways,” he wrote. “Use caution in and around high profile vehicles across the north and western portions of the state. Watch out for debris as well. #DriveSafe.”

The Amarillo Police Department said in an advisory it had received several reports of high-profile vehicles being blown over by the wind.

“Please avoid driving a high profile vehicle if you can,” the advisory read. “There have been many reports of debris in the roadways causing traffic hazards. If you don’t have a reason to get out please avoid driving.”

A spokesperson from the Amarillo Police Department tells PEOPLE that no major injuries were reported from the wind storm Wednesday.

“There were multiple trucks that were blown over due to the wind and several calls on broken light poles, trees that were uprooted, down power lines and damage to buildings,” the spokesperson said. “We were very blessed not to have any major injuries during that.”

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