Will Reeve is looking to raise a goal of $30,000 for spinal cord injury and awareness

By Marlene Lenthang
Updated October 27, 2016 12:14 PM

Will Reeve is looking to raise a goal of $30,000 for spinal cord injury and awareness by running the TCS New York City Marathon as a part of Team Reeve.

Reeve, who grew up playing every sport imaginable, tells PEOPLE that he thinks his parents would “get a real kick” out his 26.2 mile marathon run.

Raising his goal of $30,000 is motivation for the long race, but running for his parents, actors and activists Christopher and Dana Reeve, is what will push him across that finish line.

“I would be running for them if they were here. I’m running for them now to carry on their legacy,” says Reeve. “But even if they were still around, I would still be running for them. They are paramount in my mind.”

Reeve sits on the Board for the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation, which his parents started after the Superman star was paralyzed in a 1995 horseback riding accident. Reeve shares that the greatest misconception of people with paralysis is that “they’re any different from you and I.”

Christopher Reeve died in 2004, and his wife Dana died 10 months later from lung cancer.

“Everyone should have the same opportunities, whether that’s going down the street to the movies or finding love, whatever it is,” Reeve says. “We’re all human beings and being paralyzed, being in a wheelchair shouldn’t change that.”

Team Reeve runs for a cause and legacy, summed up by the emblazoned message on their jerseys: “Finish More Than A Race.”

The race takes place Sunday, Nov. 6 in New York City.