Wheelchair Rolls by Itself Out of Hospital Driveway in Eerie Video Captured by Security Cameras

"I came out to drink water and I saw the wheelchair moving on its own," a security guard at the northern India hospital said

It’s officially fall, the temperatures are dropping, and Halloween is just around the corner — making it the perfect time for a ghost story!

A security guard at a hospital in Chandigarh, India surely was more than a little surprised when he saw a wheelchair wheeling around outside — with nobody in it.

“I came out to drink water and I saw the wheelchair moving on its own,” Manoj Kumar told Newsflare of the strange occurrence.

The footage, which was captured by CCTV cameras positioned outside the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in northern India, shows the wheelchair moving suddenly from a cluster of stationary chairs and then down one of the hospital’s ramps.

The footage also shows the wheelchair rolling on as Kumar steps through the hospital’s automatic doors and onto the ramp.


While viewers might initially think something probably set off the chair to roll down the ramp and that because it has wheels, it kept on rolling.

But if you watch the footage, the wheelchair appears to move like it has a mind of its own and even makes a few turns.

Nonetheless, Kumar did add that he could feel wind outside, which could have helped the wheelchair along. While it seems to be an otherwise calm night, looking closely, one can see some of the shrubs’ leaves rustling in the wind.

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“It was just wind and nothing else,” he said.

However, Kumar did add one more comment that seems to suggest another factor might be at play. “I was also feeling very cold,” he said — ghost hunters believe that cold spots signify the nearness of ghosts or spirits in haunted places.

Whether the wheelchair moves from the wind or something more otherworldly, the video is a great start to Spooky Season!

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