Brayden, Brandon, Kenlee and Bryant Miller are together again!

Bella Baby Photography
Credit: Bella Baby Photography

After spending 65 days at Piedmont Newnan Hospital‘s Level 3 Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Brayden went home to join his siblings, including big brother, 4-year-old Bentlee, and his parents, Justin and Kortney, at the family’s Newnan, Georgia, home, reports Today.

“Things are going great, and we are so happy to have them all home,” Kortney told the outlet.

Of course, the family is facing some new challenges – especially when it comes to feeding time!

“They have to eat every four hours, and it takes about two-and-a-half hours to do that each time for all four between eating, burping and changing!” Kortney told Today.

“But we have a good support system.”

Bella Baby Photography
Credit: Bella Baby Photography

All four newborns spent a month in the NICU but have since gained two pounds each and are doing well.

“The quads are all healthy and met their required milestones to go home, and we expect them to continue to grow and thrive. It is a celebration for us when our NICU babies go home, and we look forward to seeing them progress along their journey,” Dr. Adegboyega Aderibigbe, the quads’ neonatologist at Piedmont Newnan, told Today.

Kortney, who was surprised to have quadruplets in the first place (she didn’t use fertility treatments), gave birth to Brayden, Brandon, Kenlee and Bryant on December 16 — just in time for Christmas. At the time, she started a GoFundme page for the family to cover expenses as Justin was on unpaid paternity leave. She uploaded a photo of the infants to the page, writing, “My 4 precious miracle babies.”

Two months later — and two pounds gained — the couple’s “miracle” babies are thriving.

“It takes teamwork,” she told Today. “Justin and I switch off, and Bentlee is a great big brother helping where he can.”