New Jersey father of two Kevin Nadrowski is deaf — as are his daughters

New Jersey father of two Kevin Nadrowski is deaf — as are his daughters, Dakota and Bayleigh. Last week, he posted a sweet video of himself teaching Bayleigh how to sing her very first song — “If You’re Happy and You Know It” — in American Sign Language.

“I feel great about it,” Nadrowski tells PEOPLE of his now-viral video. “Lots of people face challenges in life and hopefully through my video, they can say, ‘If this deaf father can sing a song in American Sign Language with his deaf daughter, the sky is not limited.”

“She was really enjoying it as you can see in the video,” he adds.

Bayleigh’s mother, Jessica Schwabe, who is separated from Nadrowski, says, “He is the first man Bayleigh looks up to and always brings out the best for her.”

“Seeing this video is showing not only me, but the world, that they are an inspiration and their love only grows stronger with time,” she tells PEOPLE.

“This reminds me so much of my father and I. He is my best friend. I am glad to know that my children are going to feel the same as I feel,” she says.

Nadrowski told TODAY that he wants his daughter to know “that her being deaf doesn’t mean she can’t sing or enjoy listening to songs. As of right now, we are trying to read books as much as we can.”