Skylar Holt has some explaining to do!

By Erin Hill
March 20, 2017 04:04 PM

Skylar Holt has some explaining to do!

The young girl had an awkward exchange with her teacher when she spilled the beans that her family was growing weed at home — only the kind of weed she was referring to is of the garden variety!

“When I got to your school, your teacher said, ‘I heard you have a lot of weed at your house,’ ” Skylar’s dad, Dax Holt, says in a video he posted to Facebook. “Are we growing weed at our house?”

“Yeah,” says Skylar.

“A lot of it?” asks her father, to which Skylar responds, “Yeah, just a little bit, but it’s going to grow a lot.”

“Do you want to show people what you’re talking about?” her dad asks.

Skylar then leads him to the backyard to point out the family’s “weed.”