Watch the Paralyzed Bride's 2-Year-Old Daughter Help Her Mom Do Laundry

"It's a workout for me to do the laundry and just having her hand the clothes to me is a huge help," says Chapman.

Doing the laundry usually isn’t fun but the North Carolina woman known as the “Paralyzed Bride” has managed to make it fun for her and her daughter.

Kaylee — who turns two in April — loves to help her mom, Rachelle Chapman, sort the clothes and get them into the washer.

An adorable video of mom and daughter doing just that has gone went viral after Chapman posted it on her Facebook page with people loving seeing the little girl help her mom – who is in a wheelchair.

Rachelle Chapman

“It’s a workout for me to do the laundry and just having her hand the clothes to me is a huge help,” says Chapman.

Chapman, 31, was paralyzed from the chest down after a freak accident at her bachelorette party. She and husband Chris, 34, welcomed Kaylee thanks to a friend from college that served as a surrogate for the couple.

Chapman says she is most grateful that her daughter sees her just like everyone else.

Rachelle Chapman

“The wheelchair doesn’t bother her,” she says. “It’s all she knows. She knows I’m her mom and I feed her and take care of her and she comes to me when she needs something or when she’s scared she’ll come grab my chair.”

The stay-at home mom from Knightdale, North Carolina loves being a mom and says she and husband Chris, 34, would love to have more kids, though she admits it may be tough.

“I really want to have another one,” she says. “I want Kaylee to have a sibling. We have three other frozen embryos but we would need another surrogate. If I ever did find one, I’d love to have another kid.”

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