Watch the Incredible Moment a Colorblind 10-Year-Old Boy Sees Color for the First Time

"We never expected this kind of emotional reaction," his mother Jacque Irlbeck told The Des Moines Register

An Iowa boy was born colorblind but a special pair of glasses has changed his life forever.

Aaron and Jacque Irlbeck, from Johnston, Iowa, had accepted that their 10-year-old son, Cayson Irlbeck, couldn’t see Santa Claus’s bright red suit and could never become a surgeon, pilot or police officer — at least three professions that restrict people who have color blindness or deficiencies, according to The Des Moines Register.

But Cayson begged his parents for EnChroma glasses, which allow people with color blindness or deficiency to distinguish colors, a chance to see the world clearly.

After breaking his hand playing basketball this year, Aaron and Jacque decided to fork over the $300 and surprise him.

“He was relentless. And I mean relentless,” Jacque told NBC News. “He was online nonstop researching everything.”

After the glasses arrived, his parents told him that they were giving him sunglasses to wear when he played baseball.

“We didn’t want him to know ahead of time what we were doing or what was being put on his face because we wanted it to be a natural moment,” said Jacque. “And we didn’t want to build up his hope any more than it already was if they didn’t work.”

Cayson put them and instantly saw the world in full color. And the inspiring moment was captured on video.

“So … we put them on his face, [he] opens his eyes,” Aaron told the news outlet. “And you could tell just instantly it hit him that something was completely different.”

Cayson, who says he can’t wait to go on long drives so he can clearly see the red lights, started pulling up old family vacation photos and watching shows that he had watched before.“I just didn’t really understand what people that aren’t colorblind actually saw,” Cayson said, “and that day was amazing.”

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