A police officer and a 92-year-old woman have a dance party all to themselves

By Jason Duaine Hahn
August 24, 2017 03:39 PM

Millie Seiver’s dance moves are contagious. Just ask Sgt. Kim Lenz of Minnesota’s Austin Police Department, who felt like busting-a-move when she saw the 92-year-old dancing alone.

When the officer came across Seiver dancing outside the parking lot of her apartment complex near downtown Austin, she got out of her cruiser and joined Seiver as they danced to Brothers Osborne’s country tune, “Stay a Little Longer.” Lenz takes ahold of Seiver’s hands and the two swing their hips back and forth as a huge smile shows on Seiver’s face.

“I’ve seen her dancing a few times, and for some odd reason I decided to stop, and make conversation with her,” Lenz tells PEOPLE. “I asked what she was dancing to, and she told me the radio station, so I cranked my radio up, rolled down the windows, and got out and started dancing with her.”

The dashcam video footage of their rendezvous was posted to the Austin Police Department’s Facebook page, with the caption, “Millie says sometimes you just need to dance… Sgt. Lenz couldn’t agree more.” The video has more than 82,000 views since it was posted on August 17, and it seems Seiver and Lenz’s heartwarming moment has resonated with many people over social media.

“I must say this has really touched my heart today. It doesn’t take much in this world to be NICE,” wrote Facebook user Pat Lewey in the comment section of the video.

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Dozens of users expressed similar sentiments.

“It brightened my day seeing this clip and everyone must realize with all the negative stories, there are positive ones and people out in their communities truly making a difference!” wrote Kelly Sue Kausel.

Lenz laughs when she says people in the community refer to her as the “Dancing Cop” now. She and Seiver have seen each other three times since they shared their dance, and Lenz considers her a good friend now.

“I just really want to thank Millie for even allowing me to dance with her,” Lenz says. “She’s changing people’s perspectives and bringing light to everything, one dance move at a time.”