June 09, 2017 02:05 PM

A Michigan woman filmed the heartwarming moment her brother received a birthday present from their late father two months after his death.

Johnny and Chandler Mae Crow’s father, John, died unexpectedly on April 1 — but not before he purchasied a gift for his son’s 16th birthday in June. The doting dad apparently set aside money to buy a guitar for Johnny, a musician.

On Wednesday, Chandler honored her father by carrying out his plan to gift her brother with the instrument — and she filmed his moving reaction.

“Johnny getting his 16th birthday surprise!” she says in the video, which has garnered over 9 million views on Facebook.

In the video, the teen carefully reads a card from his father out loud, his voice shaking.

“Ready to see your present?” prompts his sister, as Port Huron Music Center staff carry out a large, rectangular box. “Dad bought it for you before he passed away, for your birthday.”

Johnny begins tearing up as he looks at the guitar.

“Happy birthday buddy,” Chandler tells her brother.

“I had to keep it a secret until his birthday,” she writes on Facebook.

“Johnny has been wanting this guitar for a while. He would joke with my dad about getting it in the future,” she told the Huffington Post. “He was a HUGE supporter of Johnny’s music dream and lived for his family.

“My dad would tell everyone that he knew Johnny was going to be famous one day and worked hard to get him there.”

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