Lauren Puryear has gone viral with her goal to feed 30K people using coupons
Credit: For The Love of Others

Lauren Puryear is a coupon connoisseur who has gone viral for her goal to feed 30,000 people by her 30th birthday next September — using only coupons.

Puryear, 29, has fed over 6,000 people since she started the hobby just eight months ago.

“Prior to couponing I was feeding the homeless, but it was coming from my own pocket and it was getting expensive,” Puryear tells PEOPLE. “So I prayed to God for a feasible way and I was later introduced to couponing.”

Puryear, who has a 5-year-old son, is also the owner and CEO of her own organization, For The Love of Others, which is dedicated to providing opportunities and empowering people of all backgrounds.

Lauren Puryear

She formed the organization after her grandmother’s death in 2012.

“After my grandma passed away, I wanted to continue her legacy and help people in need,” she says.

The organization not only feeds the homeless — including Thanksgiving meals to the needy — it also feeds cancer patients (she herself is a cancer survivor), and hosts school supply drives. Although Puryear lives in Virginia, she extends her charity work to Maryland, D.C. and her native New Jersey.

As for her goal to provide 30,000 meals by her birthday next fall on September 14, she says she has plans to launch another big project to help her achieve her mission, and thanks to the fuel of the Internet, she has received a lot of support across the country.

Credit: For The Love of Others

“People have been reaching out and offering help in their own states. I’m thinking of creating sister chapters to be able to have events in other states,” she says.

And her next step is to address poverty on a more infrastructural plane.

“My dream is to bring awareness to the social issues that stem from my desire to even do this, such as poverty and lack of resources,” she says. “I would like to work on a macro level to talk about policy or getting grants. Because there are so many limitations to what the homeless can do to reach success.”