'Slim Chance to None': Man Was at the Right Place at the Right Time to Save Aunt's Life in Crash

"It was a miracle," said 22-year-old David Ford of Virginia

A Virginia man is saying that there was “a slim chance to none” that he would not only drive by his aunt on the road, but also witness her crash and end up saving her life.

It was on Friday when the “miracle” occurred after David Ford saw his aunt Pippi Wingfield in a horrific accident in Henrico County, he told CBS affiliate WTVR.

Wingfield told the news outlet that a car forced her “to inch to the right as far as she could, but the road ran out. She veered off, hitting a tree, then flipped her SUV.”

“There is no time to think,” said Ford, 22. “You just jump into action. You can’t let nobody die like this. I would’ve did it for anybody.”

Ford added that the area where the accident occurred is “very reckless” because if there are two cars, one must let the other pass, and drivers are unable to see what’s around the curve.

Steve Knockemus, a spokesperson for Henrico County, told WTVR that “officials plan to improve Dabbs House Road by making it wider” and that “utility relocation and right of way acquisition are underway.”

Pippi Wingfield

Both Ford and Wingfield didn’t have phones on them, but Ford was able to flag down another car and get his aunt to the hospital.

“When I unhooked the seatbelt and she fell on her head, I grabbed her and I said, ‘It’s me, auntie. I got you baby,'” Ford told WTVR. “I pulled her out of the car and then she wanted to stand up. I said, ‘It’s best not to stand up. Lay here on the ground.’”

Wingfield fractured her spine, underwent surgery and is now on a long road to recovery. And while she focuses on her health, she and her family are also determined to fix the road where the accident happened.

“The road is so curvy. What can they do? Chop down all the trees? Or fix the side of the road. Make the road wider,” said Ford.

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