A clip of an automated voice saying ... something has got the Internet divided once again

“The Dress” is so 2015.

Three years after a debate over whether this garment is blue and black or white and gold ruined friendships and ripped apart families (okay, we’re being dramatic, but still), a viral audio clip of an automated voice saying … something has got the Internet divided once again.

Earlier this week, someone posted a cryptic Instagram video of the sound in question and a poll asking “What do you hear!?!,” prompting people to vote for “YANNY” or “LAUREL.” The content was shared to Reddit and has since set Twitter ablaze.

“I hear ‘Yanny.’ The sound isn’t even close to ‘Laurel’…I do not hear the ‘r,'” one person tweeted.

“laurel wtf,” another replied.

Others are more passionate. One user created a Team Yanny t-shirt on Amaon and wrote, “when you not a peasant and hear yanny instead of laurel.”

Twitter user @wiscoinferno seems to have cracked the case: “If you pick up on the higher pitch it’s Yanny amd the lower pitch is Laurel. I heard Yanny 10 times before I could hear Laurel.”

But in the words of an iconic Oprah meme, so what is the truth?

(For the record, I hear “yanny,” and I was right about the blue dress, so please trust me.)