Vietnam Vet Cuts Off His Own Arm After His Hand Got Caught in Meat Mixer While Making Sausages

Vietnam veteran Myron Schlafman cut his own arm off after getting it stuck in a meat mixer while he was making sausage

Photo: KFGO News

A North Dakota man fearlessly saved his own life by cutting off his arm with a butcher knife after it got stuck in a meat mixer.

On Aug. 17, Myron Schlafman, 69, was making sausages and was taking a chunk of meat out of the mixer in the garage of his home when he accidentally stepped on the lever that activates the machine.

“When my arm went in there, that must have been instant shock,” Schlafman told KFGO News. “I just looked and knew I was in big trouble.

“When I cut off my arm, I could feel my nerves jumping.”

His bone was severed but his muscle and tissue meant he was trapped in the mixer. Bleeding heavily, he reached for a nearby knife and started cutting.

“If I would have hesitated, I would have stood there and bled to death,” Schlafman told the outlet.


Shortly after Schlafman’s accident, officers arrived at his residence and quickly applied a tourniquet — a device that stops the flow of blood — before he was rushed to the hospital.

KFGO News reports Schlafman spent nine days in the hospital and had three surgeries.

After he makes a full recovery, Schlafman will be given a prosthesis.

Schlafman said while losing a limb is not easy, he is not letting it get him down.

“It would be very easy to sit back, feel sorry for myself and get depressed,” the Vietnam War vet told KFGO News. “I went through Vietnam. I can handle this.”

The loss of his limb has also helped him gain a new perspective on life.

“I think I’ve learned a few things new. I’ve always appreciated life, but not as I do now,” Schlafman told the outlet.

Days after the accident, Schlafman gave his family and friends an update on his condition on Facebook.

“I have never made a post but it’s time to make one to all my family, friends, buddies, people I don’t even know, who have sent me well wishes love and support.”

“On August 17 I got my hand sucked into my meat mixer, I lost my arm 2″ from my elbow. I had my last 3 surgeries. August 23. I should get out Monday.”

“I have a lot of healing and therapy to take care of and PTSD screwed my head up a little bit, but I feel the. Love. 1 second can change your whole plan on life. Thank you. All for prayers and support. Myron,” Schlafman added.

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