Trooper Ruben Correa is being hailed as a hero for the miraculous rescue, but he says he was just doing his job

By Ashley Boucher
October 17, 2019 01:04 AM
Credit: Fox13/YouTube

A miraculous rescue of an unconscious man sitting in his car on train tracks in Utah was caught on video Wednesday.

In the footage, which was caught on a dashcam from a Utah Highway Patrol trooper early Wednesday morning, the trooper can be seen desperately trying to get the man in the car to move as a FrontRunner train barrels towards the vehicle.

“We’ve got a train coming!” trooper Ruben Correa yells over and over in the video.

Finally, the officer is able to pull the man out of the car — and just in the nick of time.

As seen in the footage, the two men fell to the side of the tracks as the oncoming southbound train crashed into the car, sending it flying 30 feet, Correa later said.

The dramatic scene took place in Davis County, Utah, and Correa detailed the experience in a press conference later Wednesday, which the UHP shared on its Facebook page.

At the press conference, Correa said that he was at a traffic stop when dispatch called and alerted him to a potential vehicle on train tracks near Centerville, which is about 14 miles north of Salt Lake City. Correa said that he used his sirens to get to the scene, where he located the car and notified dispatch.

“At that point, I got out of my vehicle, ran up to the driver, and I observed that there was a driver in the vehicle. I saw that he was unconscious, so I opened his door, explained to him, we gotta get out, he wasn’t respondent,” Correa explained. “Then, I heard the horn from a train.”

“I looked to my left, and I was able to observe that train was coming pretty fast, anywhere between 50 and 80 miles an hour. So at that point, I was a little bit concerned about that,” Correa said.

The train
| Credit: Fox13/YouTube

“I got the driver out of there. It seemed he was having a possible unknown medical condition at that point,” the trooper continued.

“Just before I knew, that train hit that vehicle, and we were able to make it out alive,” he said of the remarkable rescue.

“I think I got him out just a second before the collision,” Correa added of the surely terrifying moment. While several commented on the UHP’s Facebook hailing Correa as a hero, the trooper said he was just doing his job.

“At that point, I actually wasn’t really thinking, I was just doing my job, and the main concern was getting him out of the vehicle and back to his family,” he said.

ABC 7 reported that neither Correa or the man in the car were injured.