The mother of three was getting ready to pay at the checkout counter when she suddenly started experiencing extreme stomach pains.

By Marlene Lenthang
October 21, 2016 11:23 AM
Credit: Walmart Payson

Baby at register 11!

When pregnant mother Cecilia Rivas walked into a Payson, Utah, Walmart last Sunday, she never could have imagined that she’d welcome her baby in the superstore.

The 23-year-old mother of three was getting ready to pay at the checkout counter when she suddenly started experiencing extreme stomach pains.

“She kind of flagged one of my managers and indicated she was in distress,” Walmart store manager Dustin Haight tells PEOPLE. “We brought her over to register 11 and called 911. My customer service manager got her a wheelchair and by the time he came back, she was in the process of giving birth.”

Despite her contractions and the pending arrival of the baby, Rivas still insisted on paying for her purchases.

“She insisted on paying for the merchandise, which was the funniest part of the story,” Haight says. “We weren’t really worried about her paying. She insisted on paying. Literally, while on her hands and knees she handed the associate her money!”

She then rolled over onto her back while associates ran to grab towels and sheets, and the baby was quickly delivered. The customer service manager working at the time was a former registered nurse and helped the mother throughout the process.

Haight says the surprise birth happened in just 15 minutes.

“She didn’t even scream out. She had the baby so fast,” he says. “It was really surreal. You couldn’t make it up. It was like bam, bam baby!”

Payson, Utah, Walmart
| Credit: Walmart Payson

The mom and newborn boy she named Matias, were rushed to Mountain View Hospital, about three miles from the Walmart.

Payson, Utah, Walmart

“I’m just pleased that the mother and baby are doing well,” says Nathan Black, Director of Communications at Mountain View. “We’re just really pleased that things have gone so well and happy that people at Walmart were quick on their feet. They just did such a good job.”

Payson, Utah, Walmart
| Credit: Walmart Payson

Rivas and baby Matias visited the Walmart store on Wednesday for a surprise celebration with cake and presents. Haight says that the store wants to start the baby’s life right, “since the baby is a part of our family now.”

The birth will go down in Walmart history as register 11 has now been nicknamed “Register Baby.”