Utah Man Gets Locked Inside 24 Hour Fitness Gym — and Has a Photo Shoot While Waiting for Help

"Doesn't the name suggests that they stay open 24 hours?" gym member Dan Hill joked

Dan Hill
Photo: Facebook

Apparently, 24 Hour Fitness isn’t actually open for 24 hours — a realization one Utah man discovered first hand over the weekend.

Gym member Dan Hill was swimming laps at his local 24 Hour Fitness pool when “[the staff] closed the doors and went home,” he wrote on Facebook around 2:30 a.m. on Sunday.

While Hill was “literally locked inside 24 Hour fitness” he decided to go around the facility to look for help while taking some hilarious photos along the way.

He shared three photos on social media, two of which featured confused faces, while one showed the locked up gym member calling for help.

24 Hour Fitness
Justin Sullivan/Getty


Hill took the funny selfies in front of the gym’s indoor pool as well as the main equipment room where he could be seen throwing his hands up in perplexity and shouting across the room with the hope that someone would hear him.

“Doesn’t the name suggests that they stay open 24 hours?” Hill joked in his post, adding that he had been, “Walking around trying to figure out how to get out.”

He then explained that he called a 911 dispatch, who “told me they’d call me back.”

His wife got in on the fun and quipped that he “should find a comfortable place to sleep” while he was stuck in the workout heavan.

Hill’s hilarious post has now been shared over 10,000 times and has garnered more than 25,000 likes. But he didn’t stop there.

On Tuesday, the avid gym-goer shared another photo of himself back swimming in the 24 Hour Fitness pool with a large sign featuring a red arrow that read, “I AM HERE.”

“So I’ve felt bad about any poor publicity I may have caused,” he began the Facebook post, apologizing to the gym for any negative media.

“Despite all the fuss, I still love my 24 (even if it is now my 20). Maybe this is a workable solution…” Hill joked, refering to the large sign he had placed on the edge of the swimming pool.

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