Simon Berry hurled his body 240 feet down from a crane over a lake for the ultimate biscuit dunk

By Rose Minutaglio
Updated November 18, 2016 01:13 PM

Everyone knows a biscuit tastes better soaked in tea — but just far would you go for the perfect dunk?

Probably not as far as Simon Berry, who hurled his body exactly 240 feet down from a crane above Bray Lake Watersports in Berkshire, England, for the ultimate biscuit dunk.

“Everyone should do something ridiculous in their life,” Berry, an employee at UK Bungee Club, tells PEOPLE. “At least once!”

On Thursday, the 24-year-old Brit did just that when he became a Guinness World Record holder after he completed the highest bungee dunk (yes, you read that correctly — dunk not jump!) ever, shattering the previous record made in 2013 by 42 feet.

Hobnob biscuit in hand, the British daredevil strapped a camera to his head before diving into the air — arms expertly angled to ensure the chocolate confection would make contact with the tea in his U.K. flag mug.

“Yaaasss!!” Berry screamed when his extended right hand ever so lightly dipped the Hobnob into the cup.

Berry had attempted the incredible feat 35 times before, and it took 15 times to actually nail it on the day that he broke the record. But it was totally worth it.

“It was such an amazing feeling,” Berry says of being swarmed by friends and family post-dive.

Guinness World Records adjudicator Sofia Greenacre officiated Berry’s attempt and inducted him into the exclusive club. Guinness World Records 2017 Edition editor Craig Glenday was also in attendance to check out the extreme challenge, which took place on Guinness World Records Day.

“I’m absolutely ecstatic!” Berry says of his accomplishment.