A young boy was overwhelmed with wonderment when he saw fluffy ice falling from the sky for the first time in his life

By Jason Duaine Hahn
January 08, 2018 07:50 PM

A Florida boy was overwhelmed when he saw fluffy ice falling from the sky for the first time in his young life.

As parts of the Sunshine State were kissed by snowfall last week, 2-year-old Clayton Watkins was sound asleep. While his mother, Tasha Watkins, was busy at work, she didn’t want her boy to miss out on the rare occasion, since the last time measurable snowfall hit Florida was about 30 years ago.

“Living in Florida, snow is something we very rarely expect to see. It’s usually thunderstorms, hurricanes and humidity,” Tasha tells PEOPLE. “I was working the morning we were expecting snow and super bummed to think I would miss Clayton’s first and possibly only snow of his lifetime.”

Though the snow had momentarily stopped and Tasha thought they might have missed their chance, when it suddenly returned, she pressed her husband to wake little Clayton up and document Clayton’s reaction so she wouldn’t miss it.

“I called my husband and said, ‘This is your only chance, you have to get him out there now! Please try to take a video or picture so I can see what he thinks,’ ” Tasha recalls. “My husband rushed around the house grabbing the warmest clothes possible so he could take him out there.”

Courtesy Tasha Watkins

In a Facebook video posted on Jan. 3, Clayton is seen dressed in a cozy sweater, warm red hat and sweatpants (not to mention, bright green shoes) as he looks into the sky and lets the snow brush against his face. The 2-year-old is undoubtedly filled with delight and simply musters, “Wow!” while he walks around on the snow-covered ground for the first time in his life.

“I cried when I saw the video. My husband hates taking pictures and videos and I figured I would get a blurry photo or a five-second video that didn’t really show much,” she says. “When I saw the video I was blown away and didn’t feel like I had missed out.”

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Though Tasha says that the snow came and went extremely fast and Clayton probably won’t remember it when he grows up, at least they were able to capture his wonderous reaction toward something many people may take for granted.

“I will ask him where the snow is and he will say ‘outside’ or run to the window,” Tasha says of Clayton, who she adds is full of energy and loves to learn. “I can’t wait until we can take him to real snow one day!”