Photographers Bria Nicole and Breana Marie dressed up their kids for an adorable wedding-themed photo shoot
Credit: Breana Marie Photography

A miniature bride and groom starred in an adorable photo shoot put on by their mothers that all but ensured that their two children would be “best friends forever.”

Photographers Breana Marie and Bria Nicole of Texas have been friends for a long time, and have always wanted to think of a project that would incorporate their respective children, Ella, 3 and Sullivan, 5, who regularly hang out on playdates.

“We were talking and trying to figure out what to do, because they’re so adorable together,” Ella’s mother, Breana, of Breana Marie Photography, tells PEOPLE. “We do photo shoots all the time so it was really cool to involve the kids in something we do consistently.”

Credit: Breana Marie Photography
Credit: Breana Marie Photography

The two wedding photographers decided that a mock wedding photo shoot would be a perfect choice—especially since they already had a dress that fit Ella and Sullivan loves to dress up in suits no matter the occasion.

“They were holding hands and skipping around and giggling the entire time,” Sullivan’s mother, Bria, of Wolf & Rose Photography, tells PEOPLE of the October 4 shoot in Flint, Texas. “They’re really good friends. She told him that now they were getting married, they get to be best friends forever.”

But the two moms were taken off guard about how well Sullivan and Ella fell into their roles. At one point, while directing the two children to stand close for a picture, Sullivan took the opportunity to do his own “proposal.”

“We put them side-by-side next to each other and Sullivan dropped down on one knee—we weren’t even ready and he popped right down!” Breana, 26, recalls. “We jumped back to take pictures and he put the ring on her pointer finger, which I thought was adorable.”

Credit: Wolf & Rose Photography
Credit: Wolf & Rose Photography

Sullivan even stole an unprompted kiss from Ella that caught the two parents by surprise.

“We were telling them to get close and hug each other, and Sullivan being Sullivan—he’s a very in the moment kind of kid—he just went for a kiss,” Bria, 23, says. “We just died laughing and Ella thought it was the funniest thing and she was just giggling. We thought it was cute.”

Credit: Wolf & Rose Photography

The two children had a blast during their shoot, their moms say, and photographs from the pint-sized wedding have gone viral. There has been a bit of online controversy, though: as the story behind the photo shoot made the rounds on social media, the moms heard from people who were angry that the children kissed (they even had Facebook commenters threaten to call Child Protective Services). The moms say that they did not ask the two to kiss, and it was totally unprompted by Sullivan and Ella, who were just having fun.

“They’ve hung out a couple of times, and every time they’re just so playful together,” Breana says. “When we were running around from set to set they were holding hands the whole way, they are both affectionate children.”


Whether or not the world will see a real-life wedding between Sullivan and Ella years from now remains to be seen, but if you ask their moms, they say they would be more than open to the possibility.

“You never know what the future holds, but I wouldn’t be upset,” Breana says. “If those pictures are playing in the background of their wedding, that would be pretty dang cute!”