Twitter Thinks 'Time Traveler' Greta Thunberg Is in This 121-Year-Old Photo

The black-and-white photo had social media users joking that the world-famous environmental activist was sent to "save us"

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has a doppelgänger — and the uncanny resemblance has the internet joking that perhaps the teen is actually a time traveler.

A circa-1898 photo that shows three children working at a gold mine on Dominion Creek in the Yukon Territory in Canada has sent social media into a tizzy thanks to one of the children’s striking similarities to Thunberg.

The girl, who is in the left of the photo, is even wearing a braid in her hair, which is 16-year-old Thunberg’s signature style.

The first link between the photo and the Swedish teen appears to have come on Nov. 9, when Facebook user Allison White shared the snap after spotting it hanging at Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Greta Thunberg historical lookalike
University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections [Hegg 3209]
Greta Thunberg. Lionel BONAVENTURE / AFP/Getty

“#GretaThunberg is a TIME TRAVELER,” White wrote.

The conspiracy theory soon went viral, with others jumping on board on social media.

“So ‘Greta Thunberg’ is in a photo from 120 years ago, and it’s my new favourite conspiracy. Greta’s a time traveller, from the future, and she’s here to save us,” one Twitter user wrote.

The resemblance was so striking that another user replied, “That has to be photoshoppped surely, they’re identical.”

Many had the same idea, with an additional user joking, “I, for one, welcome our new time travelling overlord.”

However, the black-and-white picture is actually part of the University of Washington’s archives.

Thunberg’s solo school-day strike outside the Swedish parliament went viral in August 2018, inspiring hundreds of similar climate strikes around the world as part of her Fridays for Future campaign, as well as prominent speaking engagements before world leaders.

She notably spoke at this year’s UN Climate Action Summit, where she ripped into leaders while accusing them of being more interested in making money than in saving the planet by reducing carbon emissions.

“I think most people are still very unaware of how big this crisis is,” Thunberg recently told PEOPLE. “Right now, I have a lot of people listening to what I am saying, so I am using the platform to try to achieve a change.”

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