Several Twitter users have reported being asked an in-app poll about new emoji options to signify reactions of awesome, agree and disagree
Twitter Emojis
Credit: Twitter

Twitter may be giving its users a new to way to interact with one another by way of emojis.

According to multiple screenshots from the app, several users have been asked to participate in an in-app poll about new emojis that could potentially be available to express different reactions to tweets.

The poll asks users to compare three different reaction sets, which offer new options for emojis options to represent emotions like awesome, agree and disagree, PCMag reported.

All of the sets contain the same classic emojis as reactions for like, funny, interesting and sad, but ask users to choose which emojis for awesome, agree and disagree would best express their feelings.

As options to express the word "awesome," Twitter offers a shocked face or fire emojis, while the options for "agree" are a thumbs up, green 100 symbol or a green up arrow.

The options for the word "disagree" are a thumbs down emoji, a symbol with the word "no" or a down arrow.

The poll also asks users to "imagine Twitter provides a reaction set with an angry icon" and to select how the angry icon would affect users actions, according to screenshots.

Some of the options include, "I may hesitate to Tweet in the future for fear of receiving negative reactions," "I would use the feedback on the Tweet constructively to create better Tweets in the future" and "I feel judged and uncomfortable."

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"We're exploring additional ways for people to express themselves in conversations happening on Twitter," a spokesperson for the social media platform told TechCrunch.

Last May, Twitter announced that it was introducing a new emoji to represent gratitude amid the coronavirus pandemic.

When users sent out a tweet using #thankful, #gratitude or other variations of those words, the new emoji of hands making a heart with orange rays radiating from the top would appear alongside the hashtags.

Twitter's new gratitude emoji
| Credit: Twitter

The emoji was also applied if users tweeted those phrases in languages other than English, according to Twitter.

The idea for the emoji came about after Twitter said it noticed an increase in the use of the phrases "grateful" and "thankful for," especially when talking about medical personnel, grocery store employees, cleaning/sanitation workers, family and friends.