Two twin brothers were torn apart by death after only one of them was able to receive a liver transplant while the other died

By Alexia Fernandez
March 21, 2018 01:03 AM

Two twin brothers were torn apart by death after only one was able to receive a liver transplant while the other died.

Nick and Devin Coats were inseparable twin brothers when they were diagnosed with stage four cirrhosis of the liver, which meant they would both need to be placed on a waiting list for transplants, according to their GoFundMe page.

Devin, 18, received a liver transplant in January and has a “new lease on life,” their mother, Margi Coats, told ABC News.

However, it was too late to save Nick, who died on Monday night as Margi explained on a Facebook page dedicated to chronicling the twins’ journey.

“My beautiful son Nick departed this world last night a little after 8:30 p.m. My life line has been severed as Nick went to be with the Lord,” she wrote. “My heart hurts as I’ve lost a child He gave me for the past 18 years, but I am comforted knowing we will see each other again.”

She continued, “My baby Nick fought hard to have a new chance at life. He was strong. He was courageous. Nick was my protector and He loved his family. Nick showed others his genuine heart and was a good friend to many.”

“As Nick now has a new life in heaven, he left behind his twin,” Margi added. “Devin feels a deep loss and I ask for all of you to please say lots of prayers for him. He will wake this morning and feel empty. He will look for Nick and the realization will hit him hard.”

Nick (left) and Devin Coats
| Credit: GoFundMe

“Although Devin remains strong knowing Nick is in a better place and at peace, he will feel lonely. Please pray for God’s blanket of comfort and peace to wrap around Devin’s shoulders. Today and every day will be hard for him.”

On their GoFundMe page, Margi explained that it was Nick who first exhibited symptoms with pain in his legs that she at first thought were “growing pains.”

When doctors examined the boys, they found both had cirrhosis of the liver, which can result in liver failure.

While both twins were placed on the transplant list, they couldn’t receive a new liver until their health was ill enough to qualify for it, Margi wrote. While Devin and Nick were getting worse, Nick also developed cancer that made it impossible for him to undergo a transplant.

Devin will be graduating from high school in two months, according to ABC News. But, as Margi wrote on GoFundMe, it was also Nick’s dream to “walk across that stage and graduate.”