"We definitely want [our kids] to go to school together and just be together a lot and be really close," Joshua Thorington tells PEOPLE

By Char Adams
April 04, 2018 03:50 PM
Credit: Courtesy Thorington Family

As twin brothers, Justin and Joshua Thorington, of Traverse City, Michigan, have always been close. So they weren’t at all surprised when they welcomed their first-born children on the same day — and in the same hospital.

“We kind of joked about it the whole pregnancy, ‘Like, oh, it could happen on the same day! What if it happened?’ “Joshua, 33, tells PEOPLE. “We’ve always been pretty in sync, so to me, it wasn’t surprising. I think our friends aren’t even surprised that it happened.”

Joshua and his wife, Denise, 30, welcomed their first child, Jack Andrew, in the early hours of March 27. Later that night, Justin, 33, and his wife, Alex Raphael, 31, welcomed their daughter, Lucy Elise.

Just months earlier, the group talked about how “cool” it was to go through the pregnancy journey together. “It was awesome,” Joshua says of the moments they realized they’d become parents at the same time.

From left: Justin and Lucy with Joshua and Jack Thorington
| Credit: Courtesy Thorington Family

Joshua says that while Denise was due on March 25, Alex Raphael wasn’t expected to give birth until April 6. As he sat with Denise in the delivery room, Joshua says he didn’t know his brother was just a few doors down with his wife in the same situation.

“The baby was born at 4 a.m. that morning, we let all of our family know and Justin was delayed to respond and I thought that was kind of weird,” Joshua recalls. “He sent me a text saying that they had gone to the hospital because his wife had gone into labor. He’s like, ‘Wow, this is happening on the same day!’ And we were checking in with him all day long. It was kind of cool.”

After giving birth, Denise was even able to be there for Alex during her delivery.

“My wife gave birth first so after she recovered, my wife was giving Alex advice on her experience,” he tells PEOPLE. “It’s just nice to have that resource and sharing it together.”

Jack (left) and Lucy Thorington
| Credit: Courtesy Thorington Family

Joshua says Denise and Alex “appreciate the uniqueness” of the situation and were surprised that the births came simultaneously.

“I asked my wife how she’d describe it and she said it was really incredible that it happened — especially given how far apart their due dates were,” he says. “They’re very happy about it and they think it’s fun.”

Now, Joshua says he hopes his son and niece will be just as close as he and Justin are.

Joshua (left) and Justin Thorington
| Credit: Courtesy Thorington Family

“We were always best friends. My mom said that even before we could talk we were so close that we had our own language. Even from an early age we were close and inseparable. Our whole lives we’ve been very close. We never wanted to be away from each other,” he tells PEOPLE.

“We definitely want [our kids] to go to school together and just be together a lot and be really close. That’s what our hopes are.”