Trinity Jackson, who had asthma, experienced trouble breathing at Kentucky's Louder Than Life festival before her death

By Char Adams
October 01, 2019 12:15 PM
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A 15-year-old girl died suddenly on Saturday after she had trouble breathing while working at the popular Louder Than Life festival in Kentucky, reports say.

Trinity Jackson, who suffered from asthma, had her inhaler on site, and her family even brought her “rescue machine” as she worked a four-hour shift at the Louisville festival that day, WDRB reported. But she began having so much trouble breathing that her mother had to take her to a medical tent for treatment.

“The inhaler wasn’t working, she didn’t feel. She felt like her chest was heavy and we needed help,” Jackson’s mother, Brandi Moorman, told WDRB. “She didn’t walk into the tent, she got there on a golf cart to the tent, but we were to walk out of the tent and into the crowd.”

Moorman said the New Albany High School student was still having trouble breathing and walking even after receiving treatment in the tent. The worried mom intended to carry her daughter out of the festival and take her to a hospital.

“I was carrying my daughter through the crowd while Guns N’ Roses was playing,” Moorman told WLKY. “I was just running as fast as I could to get through the crowd. I needed to get out [of] the gate. I needed help.”

“I saw her take her last gasp of air. In my arms, on the ground, at the Fair and Expo Center,” she added.

Jackson died at Norton Children’s Hospital, with doctors telling Moorman that Jackson’s heart stopped 36 minutes earlier, according to WLKY.

Moorman did not immediately respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE. The Louisville Metro Police Department is investigating her death and autopsy results are pending, a spokesperson for the department tells PEOPLE.

“We believe the incident to be medical in nature,” the spokesperson says.

A friend has set up a GoFundMe page to help the family.

“I still can’t even believe this, it doesn’t seem real,” Amanda Quinn, who described herself as Jackson’s aunt, wrote in a Facebook post. “I’ve always thought I understood what a broken heart felt like but not until Saturday night did I actually feel my heart break.”

“At only 15 years old she was so mature and responsible always helping her mom and dad take care of her little sisters and little brother,” she added. “Her family and boyfriend(best friend) was everything to her. I can’t even express the pain our family is feeling from her loss.”

According to her obituary, a visitation service will be held for Jackson on Wednesday while funeral services are scheduled for Thursday.

Festival organizers offered their condolences to Jackson’s family in a statement to WDRB.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family, whose privacy we wish to respect,” the statement read. “We are cooperating with local agencies as they conduct an investigation related to a medical transport from the festival on Saturday night.”