A Ring security camera caught the shocking moment on video

By Benjamin VanHoose
October 24, 2019 12:53 PM

An average, everyday kitchen appliance proved to be a lifesaver for two teens caught in a scary situation last Thursday.

Sisters Ashley, 15, and Mariah, 14, were watching TV in the living room of their home in Lusby, Maryland, when, in an instant, a tree came crashing through the roof.

The moment was captured on video via the household’s Ring security camera, showing the uprooted tree’s fall and the girls’ horrified reactions immediately after.

“Everything fell on top of us, between the tree and insulation and the ceiling,” Ashley told Good Morning America.


After inspecting the damage done by the tree, the family has attributed their refrigerator for preventing the scene from being more tragic. The appliance seemed to catch some of the tree’s weight, preventing it from falling fully onto the girls.

“If the refrigerator was not where it was in the kitchen, the girls would have probably been crushed,” their mother, Jennifer Stone, told Inside Edition.

The sisters, who were let out of school early due to severe weather, were thankful for the appliance, with Ashley telling GMA: “If that fridge wasn’t there — who knows what would have happened. The situation could’ve been completely different.”

“That refrigerator saved our lives,” Mariah added.

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Jennifer described the shock she felt when she received the call from her distraught daughters.

“I was floored,” she told Inside Edition. “I was actually very proud of my girls on how they got it together and got out of there.”

Prior to the incident, the sisters were lounging with their pet chihuahua, Gizmo, who scrambled away at the sound of the falling tree.

“I gotta find Gizmo!” one of the teens yells in the footage among the debris.

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With their family home left with serious damage, the four have moved to temporary living arrangements at a local hotel. A crowd-sourcing fundraiser for the family has since received nearly $3,000.

“You never really appreciate your home until you no longer have it,” Jennifer told Inside Edition.

As for the frightening event, the girls say the sound of the tree crashing above them will stick in their memory.

“It sounded like an earthquake,” Ashley told GMA. “It’s definitely a sound that I think, for both of us, we’ll never forget.”