"I strongly believe that God led me to this GoPro," Rich Aloha said
Richard Ragland
Credit: YouTube

A treasure hunter has provided closure for grieving parents after he found the GoPro showing the final moments of their son’s life before his tragic drowning death at a Tennessee waterfall.

For the last two years, Robin McCrear and her husband Gary have been haunted with the question “What happened?” to their son Richard Ragland before he drowned in 2017.

Ragland had been swimming at Foster Falls State Park when at some point, he went underwater and never came back up, WSB-TV reported.

He died on June 4, just a few days before his 23rd birthday, according to the outlet.

“We miss him dearly with all of our hearts,” Robin told WSB-TV. “He was an amazing young man. Full of love, full of energy. He never met a stranger.”

Robin had hoped to find answers about her son’s death when just a few weeks later she received an envelope from park rangers that was meant to contain a thumb drive with videos taken of Ragland by someone else.

However, when she opened the letter there was no thumb drive and she and her husband later learned that it had been stolen.

Robin had almost given up when she got an unexpected phone call from a YouTuber named Rich Aloha earlier this month.

“He actually found Richard’s GoPro camera,” Robin told WSB-TV.

Aloha explained he was a treasure hunter and was diving in the waters where her son had drowned when he stumbled upon the camera. He said that he was told by park rangers what happened to Ragland and that if he found anything belonging to him to return it.

“I strongly believe that God led me to this GoPro because the only thing I saw was the end tip of the thumbscrew and everything else was just covered in muck,” Aloha told WSB-TV.

Aloha told WSB-TV that he was shocked to find the SD card was still inside the camera and was working.

“I was going through the footage and I said, ‘Oh my God, this is the guy,'” Aloha told WSB-TV.

That’s when he decided to find Ragland’s parents.

After hours of research on Google, Aloha was able to track down a phone number. He explained to WSB-TV that he called Robin and was able to return the card to them.

Rich Aloha
Rich Aloha
| Credit: YouTube

“I’m glad I found it, personally, because I try to do the right thing and get the item back to the rightful owner,” Aloha told the outlet.

When Robin and her husband viewed the clip, they were overwhelmed with happiness as their son’s final moments were filled with joy.

“What we’ve seen so far is Rich being Rich, living life to the fullest,” Robin told WSB-TV.

The heartwarming footage shows Ragland excitedly splashing and cheering in the water with his friends.

Being able to see their son enjoy his trip is something the McCrears are forever grateful for.

“For him to go through his efforts to do his research, make numerous phone calls, he didn’t give up until he got in touch with us and that means the world to us,” Robin told WSB-TV of Aloha.