Transgender Student Shares Her Coming-of-Age Story in First Look at New Docuseries 'Always Jane'

Jane Noury, who stars in the four-part docuseries, is an up-and-coming model who recently participated in Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3

Jane Noury is excited about what the future holds in store for her life and career — and she's thankful to have had the support of her family each step along the way.

In PEOPLE's exclusive first look clip of Always Jane — a four-part docuseries coming to Amazon Prime Video on Nov. 12 — audiences get a chance to meet Jane, whose passion for modeling recently earned her a spot in Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3, plus her loved ones.

"We're a family and we're always going to be there for each other," Jane, now 20, says in the clip. "People don't know what a transgender woman has to go through. It's really hard. I can't even imagine what it would be like without my family."

The intimate show follows the student and her family as she prepares to leave home for college and pursue her dreams.

"Looking back I can't imagine how out of place that she really felt," her dad shares in the clip.

Her mom later adds, "You just want your kids to be happy. I wasn't going to fail her."

Always Jane
Jane Noury. Amazon Studios

Jane tells PEOPLE that although she's very close with her family now, that too was its own journey.

"I would say prior to my transition I was very closed off to my family. I was very closed off to myself, my own feelings," she says. "But even after coming out I was still very quiet about me being trans. I didn't want that to be the topic of conservation for me. And I was only 14 or 15 at the time. I really wasn't ready to come out of my shell and be honest about who I am."

Her decision to share her story came about as she started her senior year of high school and began to pursue modeling. Through her work, she met Always Jane director Jonathan C. Hyde, who was inspired by her story.

Always Jane
Always Jane. Amazon Studios

"Slowly, pieces started to fall into place," she says of the series. "I felt like it was something that I needed to do."

"Honestly, I feel like even if this series just helps one person, it would have been worth it," she adds.

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As for how she first got into modeling, Jane says her mother is her biggest cheerleader.

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"She really made me feel beautiful in every sense of the word and she gave me the confidence to put myself out there and start applying to modeling agencies and seeing what would happen," she says.

So far, the biggest highlight on her modeling resumé would definitely be the Savage X Fenty show.

"I got to go to the premiere and I saw RiRi. I didn't meet her but even just seeing her was enough," Jane says. "That was the cherry on top for me."

Always Jane
Always Jane. Amazon Studios

Ultimately, Jane hopes that by opening up about her life, she can help other members of the trans community feel seen and heard.

"It took a lot of patience on my part and on my family's part to get used to me coming out and being a girl when I wasn't used to that from the very start," she says. "For the first 14 years of my life that wasn't my experience. I was someone different and I had to learn how to be someone else in a way."

"Everyone's journey is their own experience and everyone has their own personal journey with being trans — there is not one specific journey that is right," she adds. "I think that whatever makes you feel you is the right decision. And whatever makes you happy in the end is what you should do."

Always Jane premieres Friday, Nov. 12 on Prime Video.

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