Tourist Survives Terrifying Bungee Jump Fall in Thailand After Cord Snaps

The tourist, originally from Hong Kong and visiting Thailand, jumped from a 10-story-high platform when his bungee cord snapped and sent him falling headfirst into water below

A tourist is speaking out after they survived a terrifying bungee jump fall that occurred while they were vacationing in Thailand.

Back in January, the tourist — who has been identified only as Mike to avoid online harassment, per CNN — traveled from Hong Kong to the Changthai Thappraya Safari and Adventure Park, where he partook in a bungee jump activity.

After being hooked into the equipment, Mike, 39, jumped from a 10-story-high platform, though his bungee cord snapped and sent him falling headfirst into the water below, as seen in video footage of the incident obtained by HK01.

"I landed on my left side, so the injuries were more serious there," Mike, who was left covered in bruises after the fall, told CNN. "It was as if someone just beat me up real bad."

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According to CNN, Mike initially visited the park with the intention to use the firing range. But, after his friends dared him to do the bungee jump, he decided to take part in the activity.

"It was really high, so I closed my eyes. I planned to open my eyes again when I bounced back up," he told the outlet. "I realized the cord had snapped when I opened my eyes and I was surrounded by water."

After the fall, Mike was able to swim back to the platform, even though his feet were tied together by the lower half of the bungee cord. "If the person doesn't know how to swim, he or she will be in big trouble," he told CNN.

Metro reported that Mike was then rushed to the hospital following the incident.

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Mike told CNN that the park refunded the cost of his bungee jump and paid for his X-ray and ultrasound scans in Thailand.

The founder of the park, Nithit Intim, told the outlet that the incident was the first where he had seen a cord snap. "After the cord was broken, our staff got him out of the water immediately, and asked him if he was okay," he told CNN. "He said he felt bruised. So we took him to the hospital."

Intim noted to the outlet that Mike had signed a liability waiver before he took part in the bungee jump. "Our staff explained that if any mishap happens or any accident takes place, our company will compensate medical bills. But the client can't demand for compensation on other kind of expenses," he told CNN.

The park owner added that the establishment has been willing to pay for any follow-up medical expenses that may come up following his return to Hong Kong, as long as receipts are provided.

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