His death is the third incident near the park's waterfalls this week
Bridalveil Fall
Credit: George Rose/Getty Images

Romanian tourist Lucian Miu died after slipping on wet rocks and falling 20 feet near the Bridalveil Fall at the Yosemite National Park on Wednesday.

Miu, 21, reportedly left the marked trail to view the popular waterfall when he slipped on a wet boulder and plunged the 20 feet. He later died at the hospital, according to NBC News, Fox News and the Associated Press.

His death is the third incident near the park’s waterfalls this week, according to park officials who released a statement on Instagram.

“Two separate incidents occurred at the base of Bridalveil Fall when the subjects hiked to the viewing platform below Bridalveil Fall and scrambled up the boulder field toward the base of the waterfall, bypassing signs that advise against leaving the trail,” park officials wrote. “According to witnesses in both cases, the subjects slipped off wet boulders and took 20-foot falls near the base of Bridalveil Fall.”

Park officials said that emergency responders braved the “dangerous terrain”, rescued the subjects and provided advanced medical attention before park helicopters arrived to take them to El Capitan Meadow. From there, ambulances transported the hikers to the hospital.

The third incident occurred at the base of Lower Yosemite Fall.

“The subject slipped off a boulder and fell into Yosemite Creek, at one point becoming trapped underwater between several rocks,” officials revealed. “The subject was able to escape and bystanders then helped the subject out of the water. Rescuers responded, provided medical care, and carried the subject out by wheeled litter to an awaiting ambulance.”

Officials warned visitors that while it may seem exciting to explore the area under the waterfalls, the trail is marked off for a reason. The boulders near the waterfalls are “extremely slippery,” regardless of being dry or wet, creating unsuspecting dangerous circumstances.

“Over the last few years at Bridalveil Fall alone, there have been 23 documented incidents in which visitors have slipped and injured themselves, 14 of which involved head injuries,” they additionally wrote. “Although others may be engaging in the same activity, do not perceive popularity as an endorsement for your safety.”

“When you go into these areas, you’re not only exposing yourself to serious injury but also your rescuers,” they added.