Toddlers Dress as Kelly Ripa & Ryan Seacrest in Adorable 'Live with Kelly and Ryan' -Themed Shoot

Inspired by her love for the morning talk show, the photographer set up an epic "cakesmash" with little lookalikes

Baby Kelly and Ryan
Photo: Ute-Christin Photogrpahy

A Connecticut mom with a passion for morning talk shows is sharing a tribute to her favorite gabfests as sweet as it is delicious.

Ute Cowan, who owns the Milford-based Ute-Christin Photography, has gone viral after she staged a Live with Kelly and Ryan-themed photoshoot that featured pint-sized versions of the hosts shoving their faces with cake.

“As promised here are some sneaks from the @LiveKellyRyan cakesmash,” the studio wrote on Twitter. “One of my favorite talkshows, been there a few times to watch it live, even flew to LA once to watch it there, so of course they had to be made into a cakesmash!”

In the photos, two adorable toddlers dressed as Kelly Ripa, who turned 49 on Wednesday, and Ryan Seacrest, 44, nosh on mini cakes shaped like the show’s signature coffee mugs.

The shoot even took care to recreate the New York City skyline backdrop used on the show and incorporated a director’s chair with a small cutout of producer Michael Gelman.

The precious photos got the show’s stamp of approval, as the studio’s tweet was retweeted along with the message, “Adorable!! Thanks for sharing!”

Cowan told USA Today that she decided to set up the shoot to celebrate her love for Live with Kelly and Ryan — one of her favorites, including The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“How many unicorn cake smashes can you do?” she joked of switching up the theme for the hilarious shoot, in which babies are photographed getting messy with the dessert.

Baby Kelly and Ryan
Toddlers dress as Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. Ute-Christin Photogrpahy

Cowan said she organized the shoot just for fun, and put out a casting call for blonde babies, which is how she found Emalyn Wolanin, 15 months, and Jaxon Hashemi, 11 months.

“We were thrilled!” Jaxon’s mom Stephanie told the outlet. “Because we are huge fans of the show. Kelly’s fabulous. She’s always upbeat and happy.”

Baby Kelly and Ryan
Toddlers dress as Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. Ute-Christin Photogrpahy

Emalyn’s mom Jessica added that her daughter was on her best behavior during the shoot, and that the reaction from people has been “hysterical.”

Cowan, who has two children of her own, previously went viral in September after photographing a similar shoot based off on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

She told the Connecticut Post at the time that she was a longtime fan of the comedian, as her show had provided comfort after Cowan moved to the U.S. from Germany to work as an au pair 17 years ago.

Just as Ripa and Seacrest did, DeGeneres took notice of the sweet photographs, and tweeted one out, writing, “This is my kind of party.”

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