Toddler Waits to Hug Sister as She Returns Home from School — and the Adorable Video Goes Viral

A second video shows the hilarious moment the toddler's hug for her older brother is all but brushed off

A sweet video of a Texas toddler eagerly awaiting the return of her sister from a long day at school has gone viral, proving that a sibling’s bond knows no bounds.

Jennifer Borget, of Austin, captured an adorable moment between her daughters Aliyah, 1, and Jayda, 9, and shared the clip to social media, where it has since garnered more than 1 million views.

In the video, Aliyah waits outside for her sister to emerge from her school bus. As soon as the yellow bus pulls up, Aliyah’s excitement grows, and she runs toward Jayda with arms outstretched. She happily squeals as Jayda gets close and soon picks her up in her arms.

“The best part of my day 😍. Wait for it…” Borget captioned the post.

She later shared the second half of the video, in which Aliyah also greets her brother Tyree, 6.

sister hug
Jennifer Borget/Instagram

In a hilarious twist, however, Tyree is only mildly interested in his sister’s hug hello, and all but avoids an embrace.

“He was slower that day and didn’t want to run through the other yards,” Borget explained in an Instagram caption as to why Jayda and Tyree arrived home at different times. “Lee Lee runs to him also but their embrace goes a little differently 😅. I’m not sure who dissed who. 🤷🏾‍♀️ You decide.”

The mom of three later revealed that as soon as she stopped filming, Tyree grilled her with a question on the difference between rattle snakes and rat snakes.

Borget told Good Morning America that it’s been “fun” seeing the positive reaction to the clip, and she anticipates that Aliyah will be waiting for Jayda and Tyree outside every day until summer vacation rolls around.

“I think any mom loves seeing the love that their kids have for each other,” she said. “She misses them all day at school, and when they come home she likes to give them a hug.”

Borget later wrote on Instagram that she and her family were “so happy to spread positivity and smiles.”

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