'Sweet' Toddler Hospitalized After Being Attacked by 2 Dogs: 'I Was Scared to Death,' Says Dad

A couple’s 2-year-old daughter has had multiple surgeries after being attacked outside her home by a neighbor’s dogs on Aug. 31

‘Sweet’ Atlanta Toddler Hospitalized After Being Attacked by 2 Dogs
Jolie Reach and family. Photo: GoFundMe

A 2-year-old girl remains hospitalized after being attacked by a pair of dogs outside her Atlanta home last month.

Jeremy and Aiqi Reach's daughter Jolie was playing outside on Aug. 31 when she was bitten on the back of her neck and thigh by her neighbor's two dogs, local outlets reported.

"I was scared to death," her father told CBS46. "There were two dogs. One kind of had her by the shoulder, the other by the leg. I chased them off, kicked them and they ran back home."

At the time, his wife and their son Jasper, 5, had just left home, according to 11 Alive.

"It was just me and her, which I'm glad because with a 5-year-old if he'd been out, it could have happened to a second child," Jeremy told the outlet.

Since being hospitalized, Jolie has "had to have multiple surgeries" and has "continually needed" treatments to stave off infection, according to a GoFundMe set up to cover medical expenses.

One particularly troublesome wound on her hip has "required a vac pump" in order to fight against possible infection, per the fundraiser. Doctors also had to reattach their "sweet" daughter's left ear following the attack.

"She's in pain, uncomfortable and terrified of the Doctors and Nurses due to them being strangers and because of them always wearing masks," reads a message on the fundraising page. "As soon as the door to her room opens she begins to cry and scream. The only one that can console her is her mother, who hasn't been able to leave her sight since she woke up a week ago."

‘Sweet’ Atlanta Toddler Hospitalized After Being Attacked by 2 Dogs
Jolie Reach and family. GoFundMe

Fortunately, after weeks in the hospital, the toddler is starting to act more like herself.

"She is beginning to show some of her personality again, because she won't give me kisses, or let me tickle her toes," reads a recent update on the GoFundMe page, which has raised over $31,000 as of Thursday morning.

But Jolie still has a long road to recovery ahead of her.

"We are asking for help with medical and related expenses not covered by insurance," reads one message on the page. "Please help us get her home and get her back to as normal of a life as we can provide."

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Above all else, Jolie's parents just want to be able to bring their daughter back home.

"Hopefully there won't be much physical therapy to be done and hopefully we'll have our little girl back," her father told CBS46. "I know her brother misses her."

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